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Hand-built in Peoria, IL the Decware Super Zen Triode SE84UFO is a 2 wpc single-ended triode amplifier designed by Steve Deckert. The SE84UFO represents the 7th revision of the original amp design which Decware has been producing for about 16 years now. The SE84UFO is reported to be a great match with the Omega speakers currently in my system. Ordered just before Christmas, I’m hoping to have it by the end of February. More to come ..

Bill Charlap Trio

After 20 years and 9 albums Bill Charlap (piano), Peter Washington (bass), and Kenny Washington (drums) once again make beautiful music together. Lovely and melodic (if not a bit restrained) Uptown Downtown* makes me want to put my feet up and enjoy a nice Basil Haden Manhattan. Cheers.

*Grammy nomination for Best Jazz Instrumental Album 2017.


Avishai Cohen

Some music just speaks to you. The connection is emotional, sometimes physical. This is one of those albums for me. Skilled Israeli trumpeter Avishai Cohen leads his new quartet on this ECM release. Joining Mr. Cohen is Yonathan Avishai (piano), Barak Mori (double bass), and Nasheet Waits (drums). Cross My Palm With Silver is one of my favorite releases of 2017. A fabulous contemporary jazz album!