For the loudspeakers

Recently, I found myself in need of some new speaker cables. After much looking around online and not finding the right cable at a price I was happy with, I decided it was time for a project. It’s been a while since I went the DIY cable route so I needed to research a bit and find good sources for the materials. The last item arrived just in time for my free weekend.

.999 Pure Silver

This project seemed a perfect time to kill 2 birds with 1 stone (so to speak) and build some solid silver speaker cables. Cables made with this precious metal intrigue me but the cost of admission is a bit off-putting. Enter DIY. First and foremost I want to mention an article and website where I found a wealth of information including where to source some of the materials I used:

Make Your Own Silver Audio Cables by Joseph Levy, The Vinyl Tourist

The article was last updated in 2010 but remains relevant today.

I decided on 16 gauge .999 pure soft annealed solid silver, 14 gauge clear PTFE jacketing, and Audioquest SureGrip bananas. Originally I was not going to terminate the wire but the APPJ PA0901A requires bananas for connection. I made 8’ cables (ordered enough for 9’) and opted not finish them with an outer jacket. My budget for the project was $200 (sans shipping) and I came in slightly below that amount.

I’m very happy with the results .. they look decent and sound great.

6 thoughts on “For the loudspeakers

  1. O_o scar Johnson

    While the DIY’ers are a nice added touch. I’d say without a doubt you owe it to yourself to see if you can find a pair of used Clear Day Cable ” Single ” Pure Silver SCs, as I had found these very very well balanced, not harsh or bright at all….., and easily produced some of the tightest bass I’ve heard to date.

    Call me out on this one, and not being someone whom believes in gambling……, I’m willing to wager on this one.

    O_o scar


    1. Melvin James Post author

      Funny you mention Clear Day Cable .. before making my cables I actually placed an order for the “Single”, after which Paul contacted me and recommended the “Shotgun” for my needs. I didn’t want to spend that much and is why I decided on the DIY route. My cables are inspired by the Clear Day “Single”.


      1. O_o scar Johnson

        Even funnier ( not really ) is that he told me years ago, that he based his recommendations based upon the side of ones drivers, as smaller midbass drivers don’t require extreme information, hence the ” single ” was meant to be more then enough….., I’ve then believe the larger ones drivers or cabinet are?, whom then require extra wiring as to offset the impact or dynamic capabilities of said increase in size.

        My point here, is by using a lesser purity grade of silver, as opposed to say 28 gauge and 4-6N purity, you aren’t getting the finer fidelity as rendered via of said differences, and while you’re in fact closer to what’s referred to as ” jewery graded silver ” which isn’t as refined sonically. It goes without saying it ” but my offer still stands ” if you can’t hear said differences?, provided it’s a 10′ length pair with bananas on both end, and you don’t like them?, I’ll buy them from you.

        Said offer stands until May 31st, because if they don’t work out?, I view it as a gift to myself……, operators are standing by ” call me now “, or should I say once again, out on thus one?.

        Have a great evening. And thanks musically speaking for me to go back and sample a few alums by Julia Hulsmann, I did manage to find 10 tracks I didn’t own.


      2. Melvin James Post author

        Lesser silver purity? Interesting. As I thought more about my conversation with Paul I remembered he suggested his Shotgun cable and not the Double Shotgun as I previously mentioned instead of the Single (I corrected my reply BTW). As far as I remember Paul uses soft annealed .999 silver in his line as well. If I wasn’t so happy with my build I would take you up on your offer. Thanks anyway!


      3. O_o scar Johnson

        Totally understood……, as I must have been thinking of silver SCs from the likes of Shindo Labs or Audio Note | Kondo Japan?. As I’m taken with a brand of Cabling from Italy called Neutral Cable which uses OCC Pure Silver of 4N grade and thicker gauges, it has become very hard to go back to anything less.

        Yet one has to find what suits their system, and more importantly ones ears which is where it matters most……, party on Garth.

        Happy listening, until next time.

        Peace beyond to you and yours,
        O_o scar

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