The gear

I use the Bluesound Node 2 for the vast majority of my time listening to music, however, I like choice, hence the Chromecast Audio and Mac mini.

The basics

  • Bluesound Node 2
  • Chromecast Audio
  • Mac mini (w/Schiit Audio Eitr)
  • MHDT Lab Pagoda
  • Decware SE84UFO
  • Omega Super 3i
  • Omega DeepHemp 8


  • AudioQuest Carbon USB
  • Black Cat Cable SilverStar! 75
  • Better Cables Silver Serpent RCA & subwoofer
  • DIY solid silver loudspeaker cables
  • Lifatec Silflex Toslink


  • Brick Wall PW8R15AUD
  • Salamander Synergy
  • IsoAcoustics Aperta
  • Sanus Steel Series

Music library and services

  • Oyen Digital MiniPro – uncompressed flac
  • Amazon
  • Pandora
  • Tidal


  • macOS High Sierra
  • Amarra Luxe and sQ+
  • Audirvana Plus
  • HQPlayer

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