All by myself

In my youth just about everyone I knew wanted a nice stereo system. It was a must-have. It was imperative to both your social life and your love life. I had a nice system long before I acquired some decent furniture for my apartment. The madness began when my friend Mike decided to upgrade his system and offered me a deal I couldn’t refuse. I bought his old system lock, stock, and barrel and I’ve never been the same. Listening to music was a social activity back then and on a regular basis my group of friends would gather to have a listen to the latest album one of us acquired. Good times.

Outside of the audiophile community few seem to care about owning a stereo system. Now, it’s all about headphones. On occasion someone will mention Sonos or the latest soundbar, but it’s rare. The vast majority of folks I know happily use earbuds, bluetooth headphones, or Beats. It’s just so .. isolated. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing at all wrong with headphones and, while I’m a loudspeaker guy, I have several and use them when needed.

My head gear

Within the audiophile community Head-Fi is the preeminent site for all things headphone. There is a wealth of information to be found on the site and many friendly members. Highly recommended.


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