Monthly Archives: April 2017


I’m a fan. In fact, I subscribe to Tidal’s $20/month Hi-Fi tier. I’ve also had paid subscriptions for other services including Apple Music, Spotify, and Pandora. Suffice it to say I’ve more than dabbled in this world of rented music. I still enjoy my own personal library and on occasion purchase music but streaming is just so compelling. How could it not be with literally millions of songs at your fingertips?

Album oriented

I’m a bit old fashioned when it comes to music listening. During much of my day I listen to radio streams, but I much prefer listening to an entire album once I’ve settled in for the evening. Tidal and Spotify are perfect for my listening style and now Pandora is finally entering the on-demand fray with it’s Premium tier. They’re playing catch up to a degree, but their massive catalog coupled with their fantastic algorithms (Music Genome Project) may be enough to propel them back to the top of the heap. Curious to experience the latest from Pandora, I signed up for the Premium 60 day free trial.

Sound quality

Of import to me is sound quality and I can’t help but wonder if the quality of Pandora’s $10/month Premium tier will be good enough to upend Tidal in my world. (I would love to dump Tidal to be honest, but that’s another topic altogether.) Considering Tidal Hi-Fi streams at 1411kbps (CD quality) and Pandora Premium streams at 320kbps it’s doubtful, but time will tell. I’m hopeful. Ask me in 60 days.

To review or not to review

I love music and listen to it during much of my day whether at home, work, or in the car. Naturally, I have strong opinions about what I like and don’t like, but do we need another music reviewer? No doubt there are many fine ones already so no, I will not be writing reviews. Instead, I will share some discoveries, most of which will be jazz, but not all.