Streaming .. again


In a previous post I stated the Pandora Premium tier wasn’t what I was looking for as a supplement to Tidal and cancelled my subscription. However, it didn’t take long to find myself really missing all that Pandora brings to the table. Music discovery is what I value most with the service and their algorithms are unmatched in the streaming world. After years of “Thumbs Up/Down” I believe the service knows my taste all too well. Obviously, I could just use the free tier but it pales in comparison to the Premium niceties. So back to Pandora Premium it is.

Amazon Music Unlimited

Paid for the year ($79 for Prime Members) with no regrets. The service offers a massive catelogue like Spotify, Apple Music, & Tidal. It’s not so great for music discovery but you can’t beat the price if you’re in Amazon’s ecosystem. I’m happy with it.


In the meantime I’ve been rethinking my needs and wants. Without a doubt the sound quality of Tidal makes for a compelling option (especially for audiophiles), but here’s the thing .. I dislike the service. The price of $240/year for their premium quality tier still seems high to me. Of course, I could have down-graded to their lower quality tier for $120/year, but I didn’t (as stated, I dislike the service). Cancelled.

Maybe I’m not an audiophile after all.


2 thoughts on “Streaming .. again

  1. Musicophile

    Well, music discovery and critical listening are two different things. I very much enjoy the fact that Qobuz is lossless, but probably could easily live with a 320 lossy streaming service if I didn’t have this option. Nicely enough what makes the €20 a month Qobuz more attractive is that with the Sublime subscription you get significant discounts on High res purchases. So in the end the premium vs a lossy subscription pays for itself via discounts if you buy enough music. That said, the music discovery functionally of Qobuz still is far from perfect. This really is a field where I hope AI is eventually going to be big.

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  2. Melvin Post author

    Two very different things indeed and I suppose is the crux of the issue for me. The vast majority of my time listening to music is casual in nature. Yes, on occasion I will listen with a critical ear but do so far less these days, most often when listening to my own library. For now I’m content with lossy streaming. For my own library, nothing less than 16/44.1 will do. Thanks for your comments.



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