Chromecast Audio

After years of playing in Apple’s sandbox, this past Spring I began looking in earnest for non-Apple replacements for my aging gadgets (iPhone 6 & iPad Air). In a nutshell, Acer’s Chromebook R11 convertible replaced my iPad and Google’s Pixel 2 became my 1st ever Android phone.

Late to the party

Google’s Cast technology has intrigued me since it’s release but, being Apple-centric, trying it out proved difficult. Now that I’m all-in with the right hardware it’s time to let the casting begin.

First, let me say I love my Bluesound Node 2 and have no desire to replace it. While not perfect, the Node 2 does so much right. Bluesound supports many streaming services but, unfortunately, Amazon Music and Pandora are not supported. I use both. Of course, I can stream both services via a Bluetooth connection but that method is not exactly ideal.

While Chromecast capability has yet to be implemented by Bluesound there is talk of Bluesound doing just that. (Fortunately, the Bluesound team does in fact listen to their customers.) Enter Chromecast Audio (CCA). Setup was a breeze. I decided on utilizing the optical connection to the Node 2 thus bypassing the CCA’s DAC and within a couple of minutes I was able to cast both Pandora and Amazon Music to my system. What a joy to use .. no stuttering .. no issues at all. Oh, and it sounds good too!

For now the $35 Chromecast Audio device provides a nice work-around until Bluesound decides to bake casting into it’s product line. At this price point .. it’s a no-brainer. Highly recommended.





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