Monthly Archives: May 2018

EarStudio – another follow up

On May 8th Radsone delivered their 6th firmware update adding DFU support for macOS users (among other features). A welcome update indeed. Previous firmware updates were available only through a Windows PC.

The update instructions were not difficult, just a bit confusing. The update is run in Terminal and when I got stuck I emailed Radsone support for help. They got back to me with the solution a few hours later.

Thank you Radsone!

You can find the download at EarStudio by Radsone


Joey Alexander

Less than a year after the release of Joey. Monk. Live! the 14 year old prodigy has released another fantastic album. On Eclipse he shows tremendous maturity as a pianist, composer, and bandleader. Joshua Redman joins the fun with a guest appearance. Highly recommended.