EarStudio – another follow up

On May 8th Radsone delivered their 6th firmware update adding DFU support for macOS users (among other features). A welcome update indeed. Previous firmware updates were available only through a Windows PC.

The update instructions were not difficult, just a bit confusing. The update is run in Terminal and when I got stuck I emailed Radsone support for help. They got back to me with the solution a few hours later.

Thank you Radsone!

You can find the download at EarStudio by Radsone


4 thoughts on “EarStudio – another follow up

  1. Ryan Abrams

    Can you walk me through or forward me their better instructions for updating the firmware for Mac? Literally all I wanna do is turn off the sound it makes when it connects!


  2. Charles White

    I just used this process to update my Ear Studo to firmware version 1.3.2. Note that the firmware download now includes a detailed pdf with instuctions for using Terminal on the Mac – worked loke a charm. Kudos to Radsone.

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