Omega DeepHemp 8 Subwoofer

After living with my Omega Super 3i Monitors for nearly 2 years they continue to impress, even startle me at times with their effortless realism. However, as with many bookshelf speakers the Super 3i’s are a bit bass shy (55-20kHz) and could use the support of a subwoofer. An Omega sub was an obvious choice.

To match the speed of the 4.5″ drivers in the Super 3i designer-in-chief Louis Chochos chose a down-firing sealed design using his proprietary 8″ driver. In an email exchange with Mr. Chochos he mentioned tuning the sub more for music than home theater. Thankfully. The results speak for themselves, no dreaded boom boom to be found. Instead we are treated to articulate, tuneful, and musical bass. Spec’d down to 28Hz the sub doesn’t quite reach the lowest of lows but certainly comes close enough for my taste.

This little subwoofer indeed provides the foundation I was hoping for and, as an added bonus, imaging improved. I can only imagine what a pair of these would sound like in my room. Hmmm …

DeepHemp 8 specifications

Driver: proprietary 8″ HempCone
Cabinet: sealed
Power: 150w 8ohms, 250w 4ohms
Input Sensitivity: 88dB at 8 ohms
Impedance: 8 ohms
Frequency Response: 28-160Hz
Inputs: line level and speaker level
Dimensions: 14″H x 11″W x 11.5″D (excluding spikes)
Weight: 40 lb. in shipping box
Input power: 120v and 240v

The image at the top of the page is a stock photo. For my subwoofer Mr. Chochos matched the EKO Ash Tweed veneer of my Monitors.

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