Tingvall Trio

This interesting trio consists of Martin Tingvall (piano), Omar Rodriguez Calvo (bass), and Jürgen Spiegel (drums). A must listen for jazz piano trio fans. Then have a listen to their other works .. you won’t be disappointed.

Music afficianado and blogger Musicophile is largely responsible for my exposure to the European jazz scene. His considerable knowledge and exquisite taste has proved invaluable over the years and I am forever grateful. Thankfully, he continues to share his insights and discoveries via his wonderful blog which covers both his love for jazz and classical. I encourage you to check it out. BTW, his blog was recently listed in Musicaroo’s Top 100 Independent Music Blogs: Musicaroo Top 100.



MusicStreamer by Stratospherix

If you’ve read my blog post about my beloved Tranquility DAC you’ll know I’ve been impressed with the sound quality of this arrangement streaming Deezer HiFi:

iDevice ➟ Apple Lightning to USB 3.0 Adapter ➟ UpTone Audio USB REGEN ➟ dB Audio Labs Tranquility DAC ➟ Decware ZSB ➟ APPJ PA0901A ➟ Omega Super 3i’s

Well, I would also like to hear my own library of flac files with this arrangement. While I’m aware of several iOS apps which enable flac files to be loaded and played on iOS devices, neither my iPhone 6 nor my iPad Air has enough storage to load my entire library, nor am I looking for a mobile solution. Of course, some apps also provide a cloud function using Dropbox, etc. but I’m only interested in local streaming from my simple NAS.

Recently the Stratospherix MusicStreamer app came to my attention. This app will stream your entire library (flac, wav, aiff, aac, mp3) from a computer or NAS. Set up was super easy, library scanning only took a couple of minutes, and the sound quality is everything I hoped for. With a host of other nice features built in the MusicStreamer at $3.99 is an audiophile bargain. Highly recommended.


  1. The Tranquility DAC is only capable of 16/44.1 and 16/48 sample rates. The MusicStreamer is able to down sample high resolution files on the fly to play at the appropriate rate for my DAC, and does so flawlessly.
  2. While I know the app plays high-res there is no sample rate indicator while music is playing. One review on the App Store mentions the app no longer down samples if your DAC supports high res. I’ve emailed the developer for some clarity.
Stratospherix Support responded to my inquiry:
“MusicStreamer now uses the built in iOS FLAC decode software. As far as we know, this should perform better than the library code we used to use (we had reports of users with external DACs not seeing the full sample rate before, whereas the iOS decoder should not have this problem). Note that if you have AudioBus mode turned on in MusicStreamer, this will always use the older library code, so make sure you have this turned off to use the newer iOS decoder.”