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EarStudio – firmware update 1.3.2

After skipping 1.3.0, which brought the LDAC codec (among other tweaks) to the ES100, I decided to apply the latest update via my Mac mini. Fortunately, Radsone has improved the instructions for entering DFU mode and it worked perfectly.

Once finished with the update, the LDAC codec was automatically selected and I must say, it sounds fantastic paired with my Pixel 2. For those unfamiliar, LDAC supports 24/96 over Bluetooth. Bravo!

EarStudio by Radsone

In early July 2017 I stumbled across an interesting product on Kickstarter and decided to back it. The Radsone EarStudio Bluetooth Receiver is quite the little gadget and proved very timely for me. Anticipating my next mobile phone would likely come sans headphone jack I began looking for alternatives to Bluetooth headphones and the dreaded “dongle”. Frankly, I have enough headphones already and didn’t want to invest in another pair. The 2 headphones I most often use are the Audio Technica ATH-R70x and the Bowers & Wilkins P5.

The EarStudio packs quite a bit of techno-wizardry into a tiny and very light-weight box to which you connect your corded headphones. Rather than re-hash said wizardry the Radsone’s Kickstarter page, along with these 2 reviews, sum up the device quite nicely:

Major HiFi – October 2017

TechHive – July 2017

Jack sh*t

Soon after backing the project I settled on the Google Pixel 2 which, of course, has no headphone jack but sports aptX HD capability and, as it turns out, aptX HD is right in the EarStudio’s wheelhouse (so to speak). After a longer wait than anticipated Radsone shipped the device to us backers and I must say, it was worth the wait .. the sound quality is the best I’ve heard from Bluetooth.

The EarStudio doesn’t appear to be available on the open market quite yet but no doubt you’ll be hearing more about this great little device in the near future.


All by myself

In my youth just about everyone I knew wanted a nice stereo system. It was a must-have. It was imperative to both your social life and your love life. I had a nice system long before I acquired some decent furniture for my apartment. The madness began when my friend Mike decided to upgrade his system and offered me a deal I couldn’t refuse. I bought his old system lock, stock, and barrel and I’ve never been the same. Listening to music was a social activity back then and on a regular basis my group of friends would gather to have a listen to the latest album one of us acquired. Good times.

Outside of the audiophile community few seem to care about owning a stereo system. Now, it’s all about headphones. On occasion someone will mention Sonos or the latest soundbar, but it’s rare. The vast majority of folks I know happily use earbuds, bluetooth headphones, or Beats. It’s just so .. isolated. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing at all wrong with headphones and, while I’m a loudspeaker guy, I have several and use them when needed.

My head gear

Within the audiophile community Head-Fi is the preeminent site for all things headphone. There is a wealth of information to be found on the site and many friendly members. Highly recommended.